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Hair Transplant in Izmir

Hair Transplant Izmir is one of the earliest facilities of health tourism in Izmir with its team that has 18 years of experience on the field. Our company has the principle of “Personal Hair Transplant” When you appeal to our hospital regarding your hair issues, our experts will specify the most appropriate hair transplant technique for you to ensure you get the most out of the applications.

 We use some private hair transplant techniques that are only available in our hospital in Izmir and few other facilities throughout the whole of Turkey. These are Sapphire FUE, DHI, Manual Punch, Shave-less Hair Transplant, Pain-Free Injection, and other special techniques. In addition, we have very special non-surgical solutions for hair loss. These are completely unique stem cell supported applications and are effective in hair loss.

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Special Techniques We Use in Hair Transplant

It is possible to harvest more grafts with this technique and graft loss occurrence is around 1%.  Also, as a result of application style, damage in the donor area is decreased and faster healing is provided.
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Shave-less hair transplant is possible with the advanced technique of DHI (Choi Implanter Pen). In addition, as the implant is done without ducts, less damage occurs on the transplanted area and recovery is faster.
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Special sapphire lead is used in this technique to create ducts. Thanks to its antibacterial and smooth surface, there are fewer vibrations during the operation ensuring a minimum level of trauma and tissue damage.Read More →

Another hair extraction technique used in the FUE Method is Micromotor. The experts decide on the operation type depending on the patient’s situation. It is usually preferred for implants with high volume.
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It is a technique based on the principle of extracting hair roots from other parts of the body in case of a hair deficiency in the donor area. Beard and chest area are used commonly.
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In this method, which is also known as pain-free anesthesia technique, classical injection is not used. Needleless local anesthesia is applied with the help of a special device. Provides a pain-free hair transplant for the patient.Read More →


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