Beard and Mustache Transplant

Beard and mustache transplant is an operation that is easy and painless that men of all ages that are naturally beardless or sparsely bearded or problematically mustached prefer especially in these days. You can cover you face scars like acne with beard or mustache completely or have your personal style. However, the point is that the expert is experienced in the field. This factor is very important for the success and naturalness of treatment. Beard and mustache transplantation is the operation of hair follicle transplantation for beard or mustache areas for various reasons.

Beard and mustache, which is an important factor for men, is also very important for a person to feel psychologically well. This transplantation, which has become a popular operation especially in recent years, can be done easily and simply.

How To Make Beard And Mustache Transplantation

Beard and mustache transplant could be applied to the areas of chin, cheek, side whiskers and mustache. During the transplant, hair roots can be put on or beard transplant can be done to the areas that have no beard. The number of roots that will be used changes depending on the area. 300-500 hair roots for mustache, 600-700 hair roots for the chin, 200-250 hair roots for side whiskers, and around 300-700 hair roots for mustache can be used.

It is an operation that promises a definite solution in the case of the absence of hair in the upper part of the lip. In this operation, the donor area is the nape region as in hair transplant operation. The hair in the nape area is taken one by one with FUE technique and then it is planted in the mustache area. The transplanted hair begins to grow after the transplanting, therefore, they must be cut and shortened at a regular basis. Disturbing images such as a wound or burnt skin in the area can be covered after the mustache transplant. In this operation, the intensity of the mustaches is determined by the person himself. The result after the operation is satisfactory and natural.

Beard transplanting can be applied to men who have beard sparsity regionally or no beard. In beard transplant operation, the donor area is the nape of the hair around cheekbones. The hair in the donor area is taken one by one and transplanted one by one to the desired areas. A short period of redness may appear after the operation. However, it passes at the end of the week.

After Beard Transplantation

Two weeks after the operation of a mustache or beard transplant operation, there is a temporary loss called shock loss in the areas where the transplanting was done. However, the hairs that have been grown after the next 4 or 8 months are removed again. This creates a natural and permanent image.

The experts in the field of beard and mustache transplant, based on their experience, find the most appropriate density for you. As a result of the detailed analyzes, in the light of the detailed decisions such as the exit direction of the hair, as a result of the planting process, a natural and successful process is done that no one can realize that you have had an operation.

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