With the developments in technology, great diversity had become to grow in hair transplant techniques. Extracting hair roots from other parts of the body in case of a hair deficiency in the donor area or an occurrence of advanced hair loss became possible. BHT, Body Hair Transplantation enables hair root extraction from areas other than the scalp. BHT is applied with FUE hair transplant method and is usually not the first preferred method.

Hair roots extracted from the body have a different structure than hair in the scalp. Therefore, during the first period after the hair transplant operation, hair roots protect their structure. However, in a few years after transplantation, they change their structure and adapt to their environment. In the BHT technique, hair roots are extracted from areas like behind the neck, under jaw bone, back or shoulder area, chest or other parts that are rich in hair root.

Before the process, the most suitable part to be the donor is determined. The determination is concluded after some test regarding hair structure, root quality, extraction speed, etc. Then the proper donor area is locally anesthetized. And the extraction process begins. This process is operated with a micromotor or manual punch method. As the structure of the harvested roots is different, the distribution must be done in a highly balanced manner. Because the graft uptake is not as much as the necessary amount.

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