Can Beard Follicles Be Used For Hair Transplant?

The hair loss sometimes starts from the forehead area and sometimes from the top of the head. This condition called male type of baldness is especially seen in males in their 20’s. The most valid way to regain the lost hair is the hair transplant operation. In this operation where the individual’s own hair follicles are used, the transplanted hair follicles will be healthier and more durable than the current hair follicles. As a matter of fact, most of the time while the individual’s current hair is falling, no hair loss is seen in the transplanted hair. Due to this reason, it is found to be more convenient to have the hair transplant in the periods when the hair loss process slows down. Hair loss usually decreases starting from the age of 29.

Use Of Beard Follicles In Hair Transplant

In a hair transplant, the first choice is always using the grafts that are located on the back of the neck. Because these follicles fall rather later compared to the other areas. And taking too much hair follicles from the back of the neck area may sometimes cause this area to get bald. Especially while transplanting into the wide areas, since a lot of hair follicles need to be taken from the back of the neck, all of the hair follicles are not taken from the back of the neck area. And the other choice for the hair transplant is the beard follicles. Due to the fact that the beard follicles are similar to the hair follicles, they are frequently preferred in hair transplant. Follicles that are located in the beard area are used especially instead of the hair follicles that don’t come out because of scars or stitching marks.

Would the beard follicles assort with the scalp compared to the other body hairs, the beard follicles show more similarities to the hair strands in terms of hardness and thickness. Besides, the beard follicles that have better nutrition possibilities in the scalp will have the same look as the hair in a short time.

The use of beard follicles in hair transplant;

no matter from which area the follicles are taken from, the follicles don’t grow again in the donor area. In other words, the place of the follicles gets empty. When the beard follicles are transplanted into the scalp, the beard will not grow from the same area either.

The use of body hairs in hair transplant; apart from the beard follicles, the hair from the moustache, chest and back hair is also used for hair transplant. But since the follicles in these areas are limited, it is not sufficient for wide areas. When the quantity of the follicles that will be taken from the back of the neck is limited, body hairs are used as reinforcement. And the arm and leg follicles are used as the last option.