Corrective Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is an operation which is performed frequently today and has a high success rate. People who have problems with baldness or hair rarity try to transplant hair as a solution. However, sometimes hair transplantation is not successful due to transplanting techniques or inexperienced doctors. In such cases, the correction of wrong hair transplantation can be performed and the hair can be recovered. Reasons for failure of hair transplantation may be more than one. There may be reasons such as incorrect technique, too much hair removal, no hair-growing follicles or new growing hair. In our country, the number of operations performed by non-specialists in clinics without the approval of the Ministry of Health is high. Therefore, in order to avoid such a problem, in advance, the clinic should be investigated very well.

Mistakes made by physicians in hair transplantation can be divided into groups. These groups are four as scars, camouflage, false directions and pluggy look. The cases of wound and strip scars are a condition that depends on the patient’s hair type and the injury condition of the area to be transplanted. In such cases, the hairs that have been planted in order to correct it are removed one by one and then replaced along with the line where the injury occurs. Camouflage is known as the case of unsuccessful hair transplantation known as grass man. In camouflage, it is generally seen that the anterior hairline is thick and the hair follicles are used more than necessary. In the wrong direction, the new hair strands transferred in a different direction or at a different angle from the direction of the natural hair are seen. This is the most difficult mistakes to fix. Pluggy look is the hair that was planted in 1980 by the plug method. It is not used by doctors today because the margin of error is quite high. One of the most common problems in hair transplantation is the lack of a natural appearance of the hairline and hair transplantation. Such problems can be corrected by hair re-transplantation. However, this procedure will be more laborious than in the first operation.

Newly planted hair fall down within 1 month after hair transplantation. This does not mean that the process has failed. In some patients, this fall is 100% and in some patients 50%. There is no difference between the individual who has hair loss after transplanting and the individual who does not.

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