Determining A Hairline Proper For The Shape Of The Face

Baldness related to genetical causes is a condition that is more frequent among the males. The falling hair, starting from the top of the head and the forehead area starts to spread to the other areas too overtime. The hair that falls starting from the forehead area makes the face of the individual look much longer. Due to this reason the hair design that is made before the hair transplant is going to make it possible for the individual to have the most appropriate hair transplant for the shape of his face. And the 3D design is a very useful application which gives the possibility of planning the applications that will be made on the shape of the face before the hair transplant operation.

What Should Be Taken Into Account About The Hair Transplant To The Forehead Area?

– For the process of hair transplant to the forehead areathe first detail that should be paid attention to is the length of the face. On people who have a thin and long face shape, the hairline can be taken 1-3 centimetres forward. And for the individuals who have a round face, the hairline must be taken maximum 1-1,5 centimetres forward.

-During the hair transplant to the forehead area, the direction of the parts should be taken into account. Because the hair follicles that will be implanted into the scalp has to be placed with the right angle. The hairs that are implanted without paying attention to the line of the party lines will not get shaped easily.

-The density of the hair that is implanted into the forehead area is very important. Since this is the most eye-catching area the density of the hair in this area must be in proportion to the individual’s current hair, it should not be too dense or sparser.

-A hair analysis and hair design should be made prior to the operation for getting the most natural results at the end of hair transplant to the forehead area. Hair analysis determines the cause of the hair loss, and the hair design is going to be suitable for planning the amount of hair follicles that will be implanted and for determining the quality of the scalp. And the personal hair design that is used more frequently in the past couple of years is going to be appropriate for determining the most proper hair transplant style for the hair area.

Where Is The Hair Follicles That Will Be Implanted Into The Forehead Area Are Extracted From?

Whatever the transplant area is, the first choice as the donor is the back of the neck area. The hair in this area are denser and have a higher quality compared to the hair in the other areas. And since the back of the neck is not an eye-catching area, the place of the taken hair follicles are not apparent.