One of the many questions people having hair transplant is whether shave-less hair transplant is possible or not. The answer to this question which is commonly asked by women is, yes. The reason for this demand might be hiding a hair transplant operation or avoid harm to self-confidence during daily life.

A hair transplant may be operated in two different methods without shaving the whole head. The first method is called partly-shaving. In this method, a small opening called window is created behind the head, between two ears in people with long hair. This method may be preferred especially in cases where under 2800 grafts are to be implanted. Shaving is done on a rectangular area between two ears that is sized depending on the needed grafts. However, because of the hair above, shaving will not be visible.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Unshaven Hair Transplant

Advantages of this operation include protection of hairstyle, immediate return to daily life as the operation will not be visible, faster healing process because of less graft usage and invisible crusting on the donor area as it is blocked by hair. Disadvantages of this operation are, it is only available for long-haired people, the amount of hair root to be extracted in one session is limited, if more sessions are considered, total time consumption increases as the time between sessions should be 6 months and the cost of operation may be higher when compared to others.

The second method of shave-less applications is completely unshaven hair transplant method. In this kind of operations, maximum graft uptake is 1000. On occasions where the patients have thin hair or have bald spaces, meaning the area of implantation is rather smaller, this operation is carried out with more success rate. The main point what makes this operation different than other hair transplant operations is that hair root extraction is carried out by a semi-open cylindrical needle.

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