Effects of Hair Color on Hair Transplantation

New technologies that have come about around recent years facilitate the hair transplantation procedures immensely. Today, anyone with hair loss problems can obtain permanent hair in no time by means of current hair transplantation methods.

FUE hair transplant procedures are the most common methods being used in Turkey and also throughout the world. Both of these common methods have their own characteristics. But they both provide people with permanent hair, nevertheless.

Factors Effective in Achieving Desired Results in Hair Transplantation

Whichever method you prefer, there are many factors at play which determine the outcome of hair transplant operations. One of these factors is the color of your hair. The success rate of hair transplantation operations tends to be higher in people who have thick, light-colored or gray hair.

Role of Hair Color in Hair Transplantation

If you have thin, dark-colored hair, then your results may not be the same as a person with light-colored hair. But with the help of the cutting-edge hair transplantation methods, it is quite possible for people with dark-colored hair to have satisfactory results.

Through analyses carried out in the hair transplantation centers prior to transplantation, each existent problem in patient’s hair as well as the patient’s hair characteristics, such as its color, are identified with detail. Suitable hair transplantation method according to the characteristics of the patient’s hair is determined by an expert and then applied to the patient.

One of the most important advantages of people who have light-colored, thick hair, is that they won’t encounter any problem regarding the supply of follicles to be used in transplantation. Donor area’s capacity to supply sufficient and healthy hair follicles is a crucial factor, especially in the hair transplantation operations using the FUE method.