Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow transplant operation is a permanent treatment that is applied to people who have sparse eyebrows or for any reason. The eyebrow is one of the most noticeable sections in our face. Therefore, deformation or sparse condition of the eyebrow can cause an aesthetic disturbance to the person. Lack of eyebrow can cause a number of problems like lack of confidence. For this reason, eyebrow transplant is a painless and easy solution for individuals who are suffering from eyebrows.

How to Make Eyebrow Transplantation

Eyebrow transplant is an operation performed using the FUE method. Not only the duration of the operation is quite short, but also it doesn’t give any pain or ache. Before the operation, the eyebrows will be attached to the person with the help of a pen to draw the frame of the eyebrow. According to this drawing, the number of hair roots to be taken is decided. The eyebrows to be planted are taken from the nape region one by one using the FUE technique. And then they are placed one by one in the eyebrow area. The success and aesthetics of treatment are very important in the operation of the eyebrows. Therefore, the experience and success of the expert will be very important. Thanks to the local anesthesia applied during the application you will not feel any pain or ache. The surgical procedure takes approximately 2 or 4 hours. Immediately after the operation, the eyebrow transplanted person can return to daily life. After 48 hours, you can continue routine procedures such as washing face daily.

Approximately 100 days after a successful brow transplanting operation, almost all of the newly transplanted eyebrows are shed. This loss is called shock loss. Shed(?) eyebrows come out again after about 3 months and almost all the eyebrows that have been transplanted at the end of 5 months are removed again. Therefore, the expected image comes in 5 months. Hair taken from the nape area is prolonged due to their structure so you can shorten your eyebrows with scissors at a regular basis for the first year. After a year, the roots are accustomed to their places and begin to behave like an eyebrow and grow more slowly.

Eyebrow implant is a preferred treatment method due to the deformation of eyebrows in such cases like the removal of the eyebrows with a tweezer or a similar hair removal tool, scars or burn marks. Eyebrow transplanting is very different from scratching your eyebrows with permanent make-up or tattoo. It is real, natural and long-lasting. One year after the successful operation of the transplanting operation, the person can use, paint or shape the new eyebrows in any way he/she wants.

Can you get eyebrow hair transplant?

Any individual who is over 18 years of age and has no issues in terms of health may have an eyebrow transplant. Since eyebrow transplant is performed in a completely sterile environment, the risk of infection is very low. In the case of eyebrow planting, the price changes depending on the number of hair follicles to be transplanted. Therefore, people who think about the transplantation of eyebrows can make the eyebrow transplant with the peace of mind after doing the necessary research. Eyebrow transplanting operations are successful in our transplanting center and the results are much better than the expected.

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