Technological improvements have led to diversity and new processes in hair transplant techniques. The method with the highest success rate nowadays is FUE hair transplant method. This technique is also developed one step further by using sapphire lead devices.

In hair transplant operation, hair roots are extracted from the donor area and micro-ducts are created in implant areas. These ducts are created by using sharp steel leads in classical methods.

Ducts created by sapphire lead have numerous advantages in hair transplant. Firstly, with its antibacterial and smooth surface, there are fewer vibrations during application ensuring a minimum level of trauma and tissue damage. Using a sapphire lead, it is possible to perform higher density implantation and therefore increase the success ratio in patients with high levels of hair loss. Because sapphire lead has special numbers for each area, and this ensures a stable experience for the expert.  In addition, helping grafts to be implanted in a more frequent way provides more natural and beautiful appearance. Post-operational edema ratio is lower when compared to other methods.

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