Hair Loss Treatment

The average amount of hair in a healthy individual is 10,000. In adults, the average daily loss of 100 or 150 hair strands is considered normal by the experts. The average life of a hair strand is 4 – 6 years. Hair loss can be repeated 3 times a year for 2 months. However, when hair loss takes longer than that, attention should be paid.

Hair loss is the result of hair loss caused by thinning and weakening of hair. It is a common condition in both men and women. Factors such as menopause, malnutrition, lack of vitamins and minerals, drug use, pregnancy, hormones, and stress may be the cause of hair loss. Hair loss is divided into three according to the type. Firstly, losses starting from 1 – 2 cm behind the anterior line of the hair on the hill area, secondly the losses in the full hill area, and the third, the losses were seen in the whole of the head are the most frequent types of losses.

PRP and Hair Mesotherapy on Hair Loss

Nowadays, there are many solutions and treatments for hair loss. There are treatment methods with high success rates. One of them is mesotherapy treatment. Mesotherapy is a type of treatment that solves more than one aesthetic problem today. It aims to treat the problematic region by injecting vitamins, minerals, amino acids, some enzymes, and drugs.

Mesotherapy applied to the area where hair loss occurs strengthens the hair follicles, stimulates the nerves and treats them permanently. However, there is no new hair formation in areas without hair with mesotherapy. Another treatment with a high success rate is PRP treatment. PRP treatment, shortly, the amount of blood taken from the individual will be treated as a result of a special process of blood taken from the plasma is separated from the process of reintroduction of the body is returned. Plasma separated from blood is rich in cells called platelets.

The main function of platelets is providing blood clotting, however, it also provides an improvement by the substances in it. Rejuvenates skin, closes scars, and prevents hair loss. PRP shows very positive results in hair treatment. The blood plasma is called fibroblast and the hair follicles are nourished and injected into the area where hair loss is intense. Thus, the roots are nourished, developed and strengthened. PRP treatment is particularly successful in hair loss. Hair loss treatment with PRP is applied for 3 or 4 months, half an hour for 15 days.

Orenda Herbal Stem Cell Support on Hair Loss

Quality and substance of the support product, that is going to be used on hair loss is really important. Allergies and failure in the treatment can be the results of the use of the low-quality product in the treatment. During the treatment, we use Orenda herbal cell serum which is really a successful, support product in hair falling treatment. Orenda stem cell serum consists of a kind of apple named Malus Domestica. This kind of apple that grows in Swiss mountains has many features such as cell renewal, anti-aging effect, and producing new cells.

Experts have acknowledged that Malus Domestica is one of the most effective hair care products. Orenda stem cell serum renews the hair cells and follicles with that nourish the hair, boosts and prevent the hair loss.

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