Ideal Donor Area for Hair Grafting

The most significant factor that determines the quality of the hair transplant operations is the area where the graft is removed from. Probability of achieving the desirable results will decrease if the graft isn’t extracted from the correct area in a proper manner. That’s why the ideal donor area for graft extraction and the number of the grafts should be determined through examinations before hair transplantation. Application of FUE technique, followed by these examinations, provides the patients with permanent and healthy hair.

Some factors should be considered while determining the ideal area for extracting graft. First of these factors is the number of needed grafts for the target area. Grafts may be removed from two different areas if the target area is large. But if the target area is narrow, one area will be enough. The sufficiency of the area which the follicles will be harvested from is also crucial. If the follicles are weak, the transplantation will fail. That’s why the grafted hair is usually obtained from the back of the head.

Why Should the Graft Be Extracted from the Back of the Head?

The follicles located at the back of the head are known to be stronger. The fact that the hair on the back of the head does not fall out, plays an active role in the selection of that area as the ideal donor area. The transplants made from the hair extracted from there are much more successful.

Is It Possible to Extract Grafts from Other Areas Apart from the Back of the Head?

Although the back of the neck is considered as the ideal area by experts, follicles can be extracted from other areas such as belly, back and beard if there aren’t enough grafts. However, if the desired number of follicles can be found in the back of the head, then no other options are used because the follicle extracted from other areas tend to fall out.

Hair follicles will recover smoothly after hair transplantation with grafts extracted from the back of the head. The hair will be permanently renewed after the first period of shedding and will have a natural and strong form if you follow the care program given by the doctor.