Importance of Hygiene in Eyebrow Transplantation

With the rising popularity of thick and natural-looking eyebrow trend, huge demand for eyebrow transplantation operations has emerged nowadays. But it is important to note that the eyebrow transplant should be done under hygienic conditions since it is very close to the eye area. This operation which aims to bring the eyebrow shape to the desired measures must be implemented in full-fledged centers. Any kind of microbial infection will cause current hair in the brows to fall out and result in inflammation in the eye canals. Inflammation in the eyebrow area may prevent you from socializing for a very long time as it takes such a long time to treat.

Things to Look for in Your Preferred Clinic for Eyebrow Transplant

  • Experience of the preferred clinic is very important. Having your transplant in clinics which have done this procedure countless times and proven their success in this field is much more important than finding better prices.
  • As a result of the increasing brow transplant demands in recent years, this operation is now being performed in even small establishments which may not be as competent. So, don’t forget that your eyes are one of your most important organs. Eyebrow transplants done in full-fledged clinics will be much reliable and hygienic, and any setbacks which may occur during the operation can be immediately overcome in such clinics.
  • Avoiding direct contact while performing theeyebrow transplantation is preferred and recommended. Specially designed devices allow follicles to be harvested in right angles and transplanted to target area without direct contact and opening any canals. Any brow transplant operation which follows this principle will be much more hygienic.

Natural Looking Eyebrow Transplant

The popularity of thick and natural-looking brows causes amateurs to show up in transplantation business, who do a poor job at making the eyebrow shape fit the face structure. However, the proper eyebrow shape for the face structure can be created by means of brow designs prior to the operation. These computer-created 3D designs are implemented after the shape of the eyebrows are decided, and brow thickness and arch are arranged according to the face structure. Both brow density and thickness are arranged completely depending on your preferences. After the eyebrow transplant, which is performed under reliable and healthy conditions, you will be satisfied with the result and your face will completely change, become more attractive.