Is Moustache Transplantation Painful?

Thanks to recent developments in technology hair, beard, moustache and even eyebrow transplant operations are much easier. Thinness in these areas is fixed with operations that last from 1 to 7 hours. Since the moustache area contains less hair compared to other areas, the transplantation process is faster and cheaper. Like in hair transplantation, FUE technique has more advantages than the other techniques in beard and moustache transplantation. This technique doesn’t leave any marks in the moustache area and doesn’t cause any pain. It is recommended as an exact solution for whom with thin moustache or without any moustache.

Which Donor Area Is Used in Moustache Transplantation?

The hair in the moustache area starts to grow when males enter puberty. The hairs are thin in the first stages, but they get thick and strong in time. Psychological problems are inevitable in young male with thin moustache or without any moustache. These young males who feel different from their peers become introverted in time. That is the reason why the interest regarding moustache transplant operations has increased.

Reasons why the moustache hair won’t grow: There can be many reasons why the moustache hair won’t grow. However, hormonal or genetic causes are especially important factors in moustache hair growth. If it is common to have scarce facial hair in your family history, then you’ll probably have the same condition. Other than that, lack or excess of some hormones in the body are also among the reasons.

Donor area for moustache follicle: As in the case of hair transplant, back of the head is the preferred donor area for the moustache transplantation. Hair on this area is a lot like the moustache hair. Its thickness and strength are very similar.

Moustache transplant process: First, back of the neck is trimmed in order to make the follicles stand out. Then durable follicles are extracted and transplanted to the anaesthetized moustache area. Operation is completed within 1 or 2 hours as it requires fewer follicles. In general, 300-1000 grafts are enough for the moustache area.

After moustache transplant: Moustache hair grows faster than the hair. That means transplanted follicles will grow within 15 days. It is possible to shave regularly when the transplanted hair starts to grow.