Hair transplant operations gained popularity and high success rate with the discovery of the FUT method in the ’90s and FUE method after that. FUE transplant method is the most preferred method in contemporary aesthetics. FUE Hair transplant may also be called as scarless hair transplant method. What differentiates this method from FUT technique is one-by-one extraction of hair roots. With the developments in FUE technique, new methods of hair root harvesting also became available. One of these methods is called manual punch. The main principle is loosening hair roots by tiny leads called punch and harvesting by a medical device called pen-set that is similar to a tweezer in action.

Manual Punch Hair Transplant

Manual punch method is also used in dentistry and some other medical operations besides hair transplant. This process is applied via a special tool called piasemen. Various types of punch leads are used in this tool according to hair root size and used in operation. Used punch leads are in various diameters differing from 0.4 mm to 0.8 mm. Each lead is disposable. The doctor operates the device manually, loosening the hair roots. These roots are then extracted one-by-one with a micropen-set.

Manual punch application is more time consuming and requires more attention. 7 hours on average is needed. Graft harvest ratio is high. The loss is near 1%. Also, damage to the donor area is minimal when compared to classical extraction methods which provide faster healing.

It is possible to extract 2500 grafts in a session as the operation is carried out while the patient is in walking case. Manual punch extraction technique is harder than other techniques. It is only applied in high-class hair facilities in the World.

Our experts at hair transplant Izmir use this technique.

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