Technology develops every day. Health and aesthetics are among the fields where the development in technology is highly visible. Technological methods used in hair transplant operations increases the success rate while decreasing the operation time. That is why medical devices used in operations have great importance.
At the present time, FUE hair transplant technique is a popular and successful treatment method. Most used hair extraction technique in FUE method is known as the micromotor technique.

5 Steps of Micromotor FUE Hair Transplantation

Micromotor method in FUE technique is used in 5 steps. As the first step, before extraction of hair roots, the donor area where the roots will be extracted from is shaved until the hair reaches 1 mm length. Then, local anesthesia is applied therefore, operation area becomes completely numb and unable to feel pain. Then hair root is centered with a needle called punch that is located on the lead of micromotor and growth direction of hair is determined according to the root’s structure. Next, the scalp is intervened in compliance with the growth angle and hair root is extracted. After this process, hair root is gently removed with a special tool called micropen-set that looks like a tweezer. As the last step, hair roots are implanted on the bald area with the evaluation of hair growth direction.

Thanks to micromotor device, hair transplant operations take much less time compared to old operations. While having the same principle as the manually operated hair transplant applications, the biggest difference of micromotor is time consumption. Micromotor device extracts hairs in a short time and extracts more graft than manual punch even in one session.

Micromotor FUE device has needles with various diameters differing from 0.6 to 0.8 and called micro punch. Hair roots are loosened with the help of those needles and extracted from their locations one-by-one. Device touches the scalp by turning and extracts the roots from the donor area without causing any harm on the hair roots. Amount of graft is very important in hair transplant. It may even be considered as the key to success. Under normal circumstances, it is possible to extract 1500 or 2000 grafts while the number may easily reach up to 3000-5000 with the help of the micromotor.  The practicability of this method causes both advantages and disadvantages.  It is appropriate for the expert to decide which extraction technique is better for you.

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