Common hair transplant operations are performed under local anesthesia. But some patients may feel worried as the local anesthesia is applied with needles. To properly anesthetize the scalp, many anesthetic injections are needed on areas between two ears and upper part of the nape. Using excessive anesthetic substances results in nervousness and anxiety which causes loss of time in hair transplant and healthcare staff to also become nervous.

Especially at the present time, there are many inexperienced and incapable facilities as hair transplant operations are popular. Because of technical and experimental deficiency, these facilities may carry out unsuccessful and painful operations. Patients share their experience thinking that the pain is normal, and the situation is the same in every facility.

Considering all these, a solution is found for pain-free hair transplant operations. Pain-free hair transplant is performed with tiny needle-free injectors that are located in pen-like devices. The device is set according to the patient’s need and contacts the skin. The device applies for the medicine on the needed area with high-pressure. Pain level of this process is 70% less than a needle pain. Advantages of painless hair transplant may be listed as; quicker, less painful, no infection risk, adjustable dosage. This method is safe and preferred by many patients.

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