Things You Need to Know About Hair Mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy is the injection of vitamins, minerals and similar substances that will feed hair cells to the scalp area. The chance of success is quite high in this method compared to externally applied products as it’s injected directly into the scalp. In addition, having no side effects as seen in finasteride-containing medications due to its regional application is an important advantage of this method.

Mesotherapy regenerates the blood on the scalp with irritation, which allows for better nutrition of the hair cells. Repeating the procedure under the recommendations of the doctor provides lasting results. The principle of hair mesotherapy is to increase the blood and blood retention in the veins while giving the hair cells the nutrients they need.

Application frequency of hair mesotherapy varies from person to person. People with continuing thinning issue must be administered frequently in order to tackle the hair loss. The frequency of administration is usually once a week in these cases.   Then, hair mesotherapy is applied to the healthy scalp every 3 to 4 months in a manner which corresponds to the seasonal transitions. This makes your hair more resistant to weather changes.

Mesotherapy is preferred in people whose hair loss have not reach baldness stage. This process involves 4 to 10 sessions in total. The first results can be seen after the 3rd session.

Who Should Prefer Hair Mesotherapy?

The hair mesotherapy is mainly intended for the people with hair loss. But it can also be preferred by those who have damaged hair due to thermal or cosmetic procedures, who have dry and stressed hair and who suffer from a slow growth because it effectively nourishes the hair and has no side effects. However, there are people who cannot have hair mesotherapy. These are the pregnant or ones with suspected pregnancy, diabetic patients, cancer patients, patients with medical history of paralysis and people with blood clotting problems.

Hair mesotherapy stops hair loss while thickening the hair follicles, revitalizing dormant hair follicles and making the hair denser and bulkier. It also delays the issue of hair whitening.

Do not forget that you should get an expert approval if you are considering hair mesotherapy.