Understanding the Cause of Hair Loss

There can be a number of various causes for the problems related to your hair. These problems may be a result of your hair follicles’ not being sufficiently supplied with the needed nutrients, or they might be related to a series of genetic causes or hormonal imbalances or even your poor choices on haircare products. Therefore, to identify the root causes of your hair loss, you have to get your hair analyzed. Nowadays, you can get your hair analyzed at transplantation clinics or at pharmacies with necessary equipment and permits, and get detailed information about the problems occurring in your hair. Remember that the hair analyses are crucial in order to get you your desired results, and always prefer the clinics that do these analyses prior to transplantation operations.

How Hair Analysis is Conducted

As we have mentioned above, it is possible for you to get your hair analyzed at pharmacies provided that they have the necessary equipment. This process requires a device called trichoscope, and with this device, your scalp is magnified hundreds of times to be examined to identify hair problems. However, it is safe to say that the most precise analyses are done in the transplantation clinics.

In these clinics, they take various photographs of your hair from different angles. Then, they magnify these photographs using computers and make the problems occurring in your hair visible. Thanks to this technique; gaps, acne and scars in your scalp, and even whether your hair follicles are fed sufficiently or not, can be detected.

After the root cause of your hair loss is determined the experts will recommend the necessary measures to be taken in order to prevent further loss. If the cause of your hair loss is found out to be malnutrition, then you will be recommended to take various vitamin supplements. If the case is due to the poor choice of hair care products, then you will be recommended with the proper hair care products suitable to the characteristics of your hair.

In the cases of genetically driven hair loss however, medical mesoderm treatment procedures, which are procedures applied to the middle layer of your scalp, are recommended. All these remedies will stop your current thinning problem. But for the lost hair, you can resort to hair transplantation operations in order to regain your healthy hair.

Hair Transplantation After Hair Analysis

When proper hair analysis is done and the main cause of hair loss is detected, the result of the hair transplantation operation becomes much more successful. There won’t be any need to repeat the operation in the future. Nowadays, there are quite a number of transplantation applications that are done alongside the FUE technique. Personalized hair design, which is done considering the characteristics of your hair and your balding pattern, identifies which hair transplantation method is the most preferable for you.

Hair design also paints a clear picture of the intended result for you so that you won’t be disappointed after the transplantation takes place. In addition to that, it helps you to get the most natural-looking hair, compatible with your hairstyle, after the transplantation.