Ways to Stimulate Hair Growth in Men

Hair loss is commonly seen in men. The reason for that is the hereditary hair loss affects men more. In cases of hair loss resulting from hormonal imbalances, you must consult a doctor as soon as possible. Because hair follicles lose their liveliness after 2 years from the initial shedding. In other words, treatments will not recover the dead hair follicles after 2 years from shedding.

Treatments for Stimulating the Hair Follicles

There are some treatments that may help regrow the lost hair, provided that they are applied in the first two years of hair loss.

Using garlic for hair growth: Garlic is a natural source that is very effective at growing eyebrows and hair. Frequent consumption of garlic as well as rubbing the garlic on the scalp will treat the hair follicles and ensure their regrowth.

Using almond oil for hair growth: Almond oil is being used for the growth of eyelashes for years. Besides, almond oil is used as an ingredient in hair masks. Applying almond oil to your scalp stops hair loss and it helps grow new hair strands as well.

Hair mesotherapy : Hair mesotherapy with vitamin content and PRP hair mesotherapy are the miracles of modern medicine. They are vitamin and stem cell supplements injected into scalp under medical conditions. They repair and recover the cells on the scalp. They prevent hair loss and help grow new and strong hair strands.

Best Solution for Regrowing Hair

Dead hair follicles do not respond to any kind of treatment. The best course of action in order to reactivate these hair follicles is to have a hair transplant. Hair transplantation, which is the most common cosmetic intervention in recent years, is an application that must be performed by plastic surgeons to get the best results. Moreover, today, hair can be transplanted all over the scalp. A mega-session of hair transplantation with FUE technique allows the transfer of approximately 7500 hair follicles. This number of hair follicles is enough to cover the entire scalp. In addition to transplantation, mesotherapy can increase the chance of success of the transplantation and allow the transplanted hair to grow more abundantly.

Does hair transplantation give guaranteed results :Different techniques start to come up in hair transplantation operations in recent years. For example, Choi pen technique allows operations to be performed hygienically, as the operations can be done without any hand contact using the Choi pen. This technique, which is commonly referred to as DHI, allows hair follicles to be transplanted without any pauses or delays. All these implementations make hair transplantation process more successful.