What are the Harms of Failed Hair Transplant?

Hair loss starts at a very young age nowadays. Men especially experience rapid hair loss shortly after puberty. Young men who have lost their hair such early tend to suffer from psychological issues. Because baldness makes people look older. As a consequence of this, hair transplantation operations are being performed more and more each and every day. However, there is no room for failure in hair transplantation. Faulty hair transplant quite is hard to miss since the hair is an area that attracts a lot of attention. We can list the most common mistakes in hair transplantation as follows:

Failing at matching the hair density: Density of the hair does not match around the scalp. Hair is mostly denser on the back and the sides of the head. The operation should be performed by considering the density of the current hair in the target area.

Not planting hair to the top of the head in correct angles: Hair in the top of the head has an intertwined circular pattern. Hair follicles should be planted in curved angles to this area. When hair is transplanted without considering these angles, the top area will appear ugly and unnatural.

Improper hairline placement: It is important to design hairline properly, especially in the cases of receding hairline. Because planting the hair from far behind will hardly change the appearance of balding while planting them to front will cause forehead area to look narrow. When hair transplantation operations are performed in experienced clinic, the hair will be placed more accurately on the scalp.

Reverse placement of hair follicles: This is a common mistake in hair transplant operations. Hair follicles planted in reverse do not take shape easily. They don’t attach to the scalp for quite a long time. Such transplantation operations, in which the follicles are planted in reverse, will have to be repeated.

Can Failed Hair Transplants Be Reversed?

There are many clinics which practice hair transplantation as the demand for hair transplants is quite high. But you should always prefer to undergo this operation under the supervision of cosmetic surgeons to get the best results. Because you will have to repeat the operation after a faulty hair transplant operation. This will waste both your time and money. Also, the deformation of your scalp will exhaust you a lot. Do your research before entering such hair transplantation operation to eliminate the risk of faulty hair transplant.