What Is the Cloning Technique in Hair Transplantation?

Hair loss is one of the problems that men of certain age groups experience due to different reasons. This problem in men has become a thing of the past with the developing technology and the effective and efficient implementation of this technology in hair transplant operations. Today, experts use different and new methods in parallel with developing the technology. There are also ongoing studies for some new hair transplantation methods.

Hair cloning technique for hair transplantation is among these studies of new hair transplantation methods. This method eliminates the need for large numbers of hair follicles and allows patients to have the dense hairs they desire.

Cloning Technique in Hair Transplantation

Cloning technique in hair transplantation is the implementation of hair transplantation with cloned hair follicles by transforming a single hair taken from the patient to tens of thousands of hair follicles under special conditions in a laboratory environment. This hair transplantation technique eliminates the problem of not having enough hair follicles and resolves the necessity of large numbers of healthy hair follicles for hair transplantation. It eliminates the problem of finding enough hair follicles needed for hair transplantation, especially in cases where hair loss is severe.

Process of Cloning Technique in Hair Transplantation

Experts harvest a single hair follicle from the patient in the cloning technique of hair transplantation and then convert this hair follicle into tens of thousands of hair follicles in a laboratory environment. They transfer the hair follicles to the hair transplantation centre under specific environmental conditions and then transplant these follicles to desired areas using standard hair transplantation methods. Implementation of the cloning technique will completely change the approach to hair transplantation procedure, and it will ease the process especially for the patient. This transplantation method will only be available in hair transplantation centres, and the process will take less than expected except for the cloning phase.

When Will the Hair Cloning Technique Become Available? 

In light of the current studies, it is safe to say we will not see the implementation of the hair cloning technique in the following decade. However, hair transplantation operations are known to be the most popular cosmetic surgeries in recent years. In other words, the scientific community closely follows the innovations and proceeds the researches on this field. For this reason, hair cloning will be studied and implemented for use as soon as possible.