Women’s Hair Transplantation

Hair is the most important beauty factor for both women and men. However, women are more prone to hair than men and are therefore more sensitive. Factors that cause the most hair loss in women are malnutrition, stress, and hormonal changes. After the hair loss, the individual might be affected psychologically and may have aesthetic concerns. Although it is more common in males, there is also transplantation for women and success rates are high.

Hair Loss in Women

Hair transplant is the most effective treatment for hair loss. In these cases of women, hair transplantation can be performed; hair pulling condition, male type local hair rarity, daily average hair loss of more than 100 hair strands, hair thinning and to create a hairline. In women, the type of loss is usually the hairline starting on the anterior line of the hair and in the top part of the head and caused by genetic factors. The regional loss is a local loss that occurs in certain areas on the head due to an acute condition or various diseases. The opening of the front hairline is another type of loss seen in women. This is the type of loss when the forehead hairline is too open. Finally, losses caused by scars or burn marks are another type of loss seen in women. Hair transplantation applied to such losses is a very successful and precise solution.

How to do hair transplantation

There is no difference between the hair transplantation procedure for women and men. Therefore, as in men, there is no harm to hair transplantation for women. Because the main event of hair transplantation is the transplantation of hair follicles taken from one’s own tissue into the area where it is needed. During treatment, specialists support patients by providing all the necessary information. In hair transplantation applied to women, the hair does not have to be cut short. Because the hair that is already standing will cover the hairless area won’t give a bad image in terms of aesthetics. Hair transplantation does not harm the health as long as applied by the expert staff and in a sterile environment.

Before making hair transplantation, alcohol and blood diluting drugs should be avoided. From the observations made by the doctor and his / her team in the field prior to the operation, it is determined from which region your hair transplantation starts and continues in which direction. Then, with the help of special needles, hair follicles are taken and placed one by one.

Stages Of Hair Transplant Growth

An average of 6 months is required for hair transplantation.

After the hair transplantation, the hair falls down during the average period of 2 weeks. About 3 months after the falling, new ones begin to grow. During this time period, there will be many support products provided by your doctor. These products must be carefully applied. These applications can last 5 – 6 months. After hair transplantation, patients should visit their physician once a year and be examined.

Our country is one of the most successful and affordable countries in hair transplantation. Patients from many countries prefer Turkey every year for hair transplantation.

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